Plateau Mont-Royal: Montreal’s green heart

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One of the hippest neigbourhoods in the world

For Mount-Royal's greenery, to St. Laurent's nightlife, to the boutiques on St. Denis, the Plateau de Mont-Royal has been recognized as one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the world. Brimming with theatres, bars, restaurants and populated by artists, trendsetters and a multitude of cultures, one thing is for sure, the Plateau's magnetic charm is hard to resist.

Rue Saint-Denis

Rue Saint-Denis is the Plateau's main commercial artery and it is on this street you will find a lot of Montreal's premier boutiques, as well as tons of entertainment and cultural diversity. As one of the only streets that crosses the entire city, St.Denis' electric atmosphere and undeniable charm found in the Plateau area continues to draw locals and tourists alike year-round.

Rue Saint-Laurent

Rue Saint-Laurent is the city's liveliest street. Locally known as The Main, as it divides the city between east and west, here you will find the heavy-hitters of Montreal's night life. While this street is lined with plenty of daytime commerce, St.Laurent is best known for its impressive number of diverse restaurants, bars and clubs, making this street party central most every night of the week.

Avenue Mont-Royal

Avenue Mont-Royal, is one of the most dynamic streets in the city. Mont-Royal runs east-west through the Plateau and here you will find myriad style boutiques, cafés, specialty stores, book stores and popular eateries, making this street truly diverse and eclectic for both residents and travelers alike.

Mount Royal park

Montreal is built around the Mount-Royal Park, affectionately referred to as “the Mountain." It is one of the city's largest green spaces and important landmarks. Mount-Royal Park is an easy escape from the urban jungle surrounding it, and is used year-round by nature lovers and sport enthusiasts for its foot-paths, bike-trails, cross-country skiing and outdoor skating rinks, and plenty of picnic space in summer. This is also the sight of the Tam Tams, a weekly bohemian gathering where hoards gathers every Sunday to sunbathe, picnic, play Frisbee, and enjoy sunshine the non-stop rhythm of the drums.

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