The city of Montreal

The International District: an avant-garde neighbourhood

Montreal’s International District is both a financial hub and a global meeting place for contemporary urban culture. A sleek transition between the busy downtown and charming Old Montreal, business people and residents alike find the exclusive, cosmopolitan flair they seek while indulging in the signature laid-back charm Montreal is known for. Chinatown, modern skyscrapers and exceptional monuments make this sophisticated area truly unique.

Designated in 2004, the International District is a large urban landscape designed to promote the international development of Montreal. It includes most of the major financial institutions in Quebec and major international organizations including…

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Downtown: the heart of it all!

Downtown is undoubtedly the heart of the city. In the middle of all the action, enjoy year-round designer shopping in the unique Underground City or let loose in various popular nightclubs, and enjoy the family restaurants and friendly bars. Downtown puts you in the nucleus of Montreal with easy access to all its exciting neighborhoods. Since most Montrealers live and work in the city core, or surrounding neighborhoods, Montreal’s Downtown is one of the safest in North America! With no shortage of activities, shopping and entertainment, downtown has it all!

St-Catherine Street is the predominant commercial artery of the city. 10 km long, it cuts right through the city core from west to east and boasts more than…

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Old Montreal: a best kept neighbourhood!

Nestled between the modern International District and the St. Lawrence River, you’ll find the charming, historic area of Old Montreal. Get lost in the maze of narrow streets and authentic architecture or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to discover some of the best galleries, theaters, fine dining and rooftop terraces the city has to offer.

Once a major commercial trading port for North America, the Old Port now offers scenic views as well as many activities and attractions, which draw over 10 million tourists annually. Here you will find the world-famous…

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Plateau Mont-Royal: Montreal’s green heart

From Mount-Royal’s greenery, to St. Laurent’s nightlife, to the boutiques on St. Denis, the Plateau Mont-Royal has been recognized as one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the world. Brimming with theatres, bars, and restaurants and populated by artists, trendsetters and a multitude of cultures, one thing is for sure, the Plateau’s magnetic charm is hard to resist.

Rue St-Denis is the Plateau’s main commercial artery and it is on this street you…

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