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When you rent your property through a simple broker or property manager, the limitations of each quickly become apparent. Simplissimmo’s partnership with international real estate agency HP & Associés ensures that our owners benefit from the best of both worlds – all the advantages of a real estate broker on your side, combined with the 360º management finesse of Montreal’s #1 online portal for furnished properties.

What more can an owner ask for?

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Professional Promotion

Good Looks

Simplissimmo takes great care to professionally photograph all your property’s best sides to get it ready for star featuring on our website. Each property also gets an enticing description highlighting its best features – a one-two combo designed to make it as irresistible as possible.

Visibility on

Did you know that the Simplissimmo website receives upwards of 1,000 pageviews per day? Comprehensive, user-friendly, and fully responsive, our site is a big reason why Simplissimmo properties enjoy an average occupancy rate of 96%.

Listing on MLS

The Multiple Listing Service for all of Canada is the most frequented listings site by brokers and prospects alike. Thanks to our dedicated HP broker, your property will receive invaluable exposure on this nation-wide network.

Essential Administration

Professional Negotiations

Our dedicated HP broker puts his experience to work for you, handling all negotiations surrounding the financial terms of the lease, in order to maximize the financial return on your property.

Paperwork & Legalese

Our dedicated HP broker puts his experience to work for you, handling all negotiations surrounding the financial terms of the lease, in order to maximize the financial return on your property.

Rent Collection

Simplissimmo handles the timely collection of the monthly rent, processes payments, and remits owner payments via their method of choice (cheque, bank or email transfer) within 5 working days of the lease date. Though it is rare, your Simplissimmo-HP & Associés team is also prepared to legally pursue on your behalf any guest who defaults on payments due.

Annual Report

At the end of each fiscal year, Simplissimmo provides each owner with a detailed balance sheet with statements of earning and spending, analysis of property leasing status, management activity highlights, and any other reasonable information requested by the owner. Accountants love us!

Property Care

Maintenance & Repairs

Dishwasher leaking? Dryer acting up? Walls could use a fresh coat of paint? Simplissimmo swiftly attends to minor repairs and often recommends any preventative maintenance needed to keep your property looking and functioning fabulously, all within an agreed-upon budget.

Inventory Taking

From glasses and plates to knick-knacks and napkin rings, every last item in your beautifully decorated property is accounted for in a detailed inventory, which is duly taken upon each client’s arrival and departure.

Guest Vigilance

Simplissimmo takes full responsibility for performing credit checks, verifying references, and ensuring that every guest respects any by-laws, duties, obligations, neighbourly conduct and other special instructions applicable within your property and building.

Guest Love

Welcome! Farewell…

At Simplissimmo, there are no tenants – only guests! And each one is warmly welcomed by a Simplissimmo rep at check-in, who takes great care to ensure they are familiarized and comfortable with the ins and outs of your property. Departing guests are given a smooth check-out, where their impressions are noted, keys are collected, and their Simplissimmo rep bids them a fond farewell.

Simpliwel Service

Simplissimmo takes guest pampering seriously, which is why we created Simpliwel – our range of personalized, on-demand guest services. From extra housekeeping, to airport pick-up, to a babysitter, we tend to every guest like an attentive lover, asking only one simple question:

What do you need?

They chose Simplissimmo

I have entrusted my apartment rental to Simplissimmo for 6 months now. The apartment has a 100% occupancy rate. The team is very responsive and the management process is extremely simple. Simplissimmo truly minimizes the stress of rental investment.

Jean-Marc J.

(…) we were ready for our first co-owner/landlord experience. Naturally we had many concerns regarding our investment but, thanks to their courtesy and their availability, the Simplissimmo team knew exactly how to allay our fears over the course of the rental process, and we are now confidant our partnership will be a long-lasting one.

Mireille D.

In the beginning, the worry of renting out my property left me feeling a little nervous. In very little time, I felt completely confident that my property was in good hands (…) I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend you (…) Simplissimmo offers a truly impeccable service!

Nathalie L.